Here are some pictures and updates from the puppies in the 2012 litter. We love to see how the are growing and hear how they are doing.  


 Hardy enjoying the snow at 8 months old!!

He is doing really well in his training classes and is growing into a handsome boy.


Kevin is the white boy from the 2012 litter.
He has settled in with is new family and loves his new boxer friend Merry.
This is Kevin in the snow at 8 months old.
Louie lives with his new family and new Best Friend Harry.
He shares this famiy with another boxer called Poppy.
Louie passed his Kennel Club Bronze Award with Harry when Louie was only seven months old.
Louie & Harry
 There was a ball here a minute ago!!!!
 Can I go to school with Harry today????
Misty lives with her new family with includes another boxer named Sky ( also white )
She has been attending training classes and has now started pre-agility training.